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CHA Family Showcase

Just recently, as I was doing the business of sending out attendance reminders and communicating with parent/teachers about renewing their students, one parent/teacher asked if I would look over her student's blog/website as he is very excited for me to see it. I did, and I am impressed! That little exchange sparked an idea - I should have a place on my website where we could share the links to blogs and websites that CHA students and their families have built - and the CHA Family Showcase page was born.

You'll find that the links below will change over time. And, please, if you find a broken link, let me know so that I can take care of it. 


The Clean Eating Teen is a very well put together, well thought out blog series about eating what's good for you by a very nice young gentleman. Matthew tests a product, then posts a review about it, and he has plenty of give aways on his blog. Check his website out at: <<<UPDATED LINKS!!

Matthew's Bookshelf

Matthew reviews books that he's read in a conversational tone, as if he's telling a friend all about the book he just read - which is exactly what he's doing. The books are mostly Young Adult, some are younger, some are older. Check out Matthew's Bookshelf for a great recommendation on a new read!

Lilla Rose is a company that allows women to be their own boss by selling beautiful hair accessories and Jan Hoffman, one of our parent/teachers is a Lilla Rose consultant! To shop with her, check out her link here - . You can also follow her facebook page by going here - .


Brenda’s Beautiques & Fine China is an Ebay store owned by one of CHA's longtime parent/teachers. She always has something fun in her store - take a look!