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Cheerful Heart Academy is an umbrella school that provides a covering for homeschool students in the state of Florida. In order to see how I can improve the services CHA provides, I put together a survey and am asking all of the parents to give me some feedback. I greatly appreciate each and every one of you and ask that you be honest in answering the questions below. Your answers and contact information will only go to me - and as you know, I do not sell or give your information to anyone at anytime. 

Thank you,

Lynda Rowley

Cheerful Heart Academy Owner/Administrator

Many of you already belong to a local support group; however, I know that some of you do not have anything local. I've been thinking of possibly opening an online support group (not Facebook) for CHA families only. I need to find out your interest level -
Would you buy tshirts with Cheerful Heart Academy's logo or name on them?
I have put together a planner in the past, but have not shared it online. If I were to do that, would you be interested in buying it?